GSM data receiver


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* GSM Data Reciever Device.
* EMV Creditcard Reader/Writer Software with MCR 200
* Msr 605 .
* 50 Blank Cards.
* High power GSM Antenna .
* User Installation Manual.
* CD With Software Links to major banks server to log on.
* Ultra HD Videos & PDF Files for step by step traning .
* 2pcs cables to connect with phone,tablet and laptop.
* Membership Access .





– The GSM data receiver (model: S-3812A) is a hardware device with dimensions 12.2 x 8.8 x 4.4 cm; working with a power supply, this means you need to plug in your PC before trying to find the signal from an ATM and point of sale terminals. The hardware will work as long as your PC has the battery capacity to power it. When the device is connected, it will show a red light to show you that everything is working in optimal settings and that it is ready to go.

The material is manufactured outside of Europe and entirely modified by our engineers for this type of work. GSM Data Receiver will start doing its job when the software enters the game, we’ll talk about that later. This new ATM skimming method is in high demand nowadays, it offers you more security and also an easy working environment. If we are talking about the ancient techniques of Skimmers available in the world today and how they work, we certainly cannot compare them. We know that the GSM data receiver is more expensive than other skimmers but it definitely offers a lot of benefits as you can see security is key if you want to go this way.

The device is very compact and easy to handle, as we said, you no longer need to physically try out ATMs and POS terminals as the GSM data receiver can capture networks at 75 meters without physical contact. All you need to do is sit in the car or somewhere safe near the target and capture the data without any issues.


– Now we will introduce you to the GSM data software and the great job it does. This software is able to bypass all the security networks provided by the GSM data receiver, with this software you have the ability to capture and store all the data coming from ATMs and POS terminals. All data is collected and sent to you through a process called a “data sniffer”. The program is very easy to handle and offers you more security than other physical skimmers. In fact, that’s the point, with this new skimmer you can capture data and receive it instantly via software capability. An old skimmer will first store the data in its memory and then you will have to take it out of ATMs or point-of-sale terminals to read the data. In these days it is very dangerous to do these old ways, as we said, safety is the key to this game,

GSM data software is designed because after each data capture, you will be informed by a notification and a new window will appear on the screen with the latest data captured.

All captured data will be displayed in this format:

> Date:

> Track1:

> Track2:

> PIN:

> Network:

The software has a feature available called “Get Data” which allows you to download all new data to your PC which as I said is stored in the software. This feature ensures that all the captured data cannot be lost if something happens with your PC battery or other issues. It also has a “Show Data” button, you can tap on it anytime if you want to see the latest upcoming data. If you keep this window open and new data arrives, all the data you captured earlier will be displayed nicely with a new one without affecting anything.

Note: Our GSM data receiver and software work with all ATMs and point-of-sale networks in the world today. In the event of further improvements, all customers will benefit from free software updates.

The GSM data software is fully encrypted and cannot be duplicated. It also comes with a customer ID and password. We have created this security system to prevent resale. We reserve the right to suspend your license if we detect unusual activity with your Customer ID.


– Because anonymity is the most important thing for our safe and yours, we only accept Bitcoin payments.

Note: If you purchase a product and software is included, we will provide you with a special link address from which you can download it after payment has been made. We remind you that all our products are accompanied by an explicit user guide from A to Z.


– Atm-markets offers a one-year warranty for each piece of hardware or software. The warranty does not cover misuse, user damaged products or forgotten passwords. This warranty is limited to defective parts and not to user errors. Accordingly, we will attempt to resolve any issues.


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